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Redfish Magazine is a a free digital magazine for freshwater and marine fishkeepers produced monthly with separate editions for American, European and Australasian regions. It is distributed exclusively over the internet in digital form, free of charge. Redfish features dedicated sections for tropical, marine, cold water and pond hobbyists.

Redfish is a free-to-read magazine for fishkeeping enthusiasts. At Redfish we believe in the free exchange of information to facilitate success by aquarium and pond hobbyists. Each month Redfish Magazine will bring you dedicated sections on tropical, cold water, marine and ponds.

Redfish was founded in early 2011 by Jessica Drake, Nicole Sawyer, Julian Corlet and David Midgley

The magazine is laid out beautifully in an up to date contemporary style and articles are illustrated throughout with striking colour photographs.

Issue 1 - July 2011

The articles themselves are of a generally high standard and have so far covered such diverse subjects as Guppies, corals, spawning clownfish, The history of goldfish, Aquarium basics (a 3 part series) and aquascaping. There is something for everyone here and every article is worth reading even if it outside your main areas of interest. The articles vary at the level they are pitched at with some for those just starting out in the hobby and others for readers with a bit more experience. All are eminently readable and enjoyable.

Redfish Magazine is available for downloading in pdf format so can be viewed on any PC or Mac with a free pdf viewer installed. (Which effectively means them all)

Redfish Magazine is informative, entertaining, beautiful to look at and simple to obtain.The bold decision to make it free means it rates a well-deserved 5 stars.


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Freshwater Tropical Barbs
Mike Dewar

Freshwater Tropical Barbs by Mke Dewar

Mike Dewar has been keeping and breeding barbs for thirty years. This self-published book may have taken Mike “just” three years to write but it contains the wit and wisdom of every one of those thirty years. This is a book written by an enthusiast, for enthusiasts. (more…)

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Balitorid family & Botiid family

Mark J Duffill

Loaches by Mark J Duffill

Well-known enthusiast Mark Duffill has produced two colourful and informative books about his passion – loaches. There is renewed interest in this somewhat neglected group of fishes as more species of loaches, and Asian fish in general, appear in the trade. One book is devoted to the Balitorid family (the river loaches) and the other to the Botiid family (true loaches).

Both books are slim – running to 24 and 36 pages respectively. They are however jam-packed with information on loach biology and husbandry and both books are profusely illustrated with colour photographs. The decision to publish in paperback rather than hard cover has kept the costs down and both can be had for a combined price of just £16.

If loaches are your thing, or you just want to find out more about these lovely fish, then I heartily recommend these books.

Available from The International Loach Association website.

4 stars.

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The Catfishes of Africa
A handbook for identification and maintenance
Dr. Lothar Seegers, English translation by Mary Bailey
English edition – 2008

The sucker-mouth and corydoras catfishes from South America dominate the catfish tanks in any pet fish store. Hundreds of varieties of these fish are available and many are familiar to even beginner aquarists. Other parts of the world are sorely under-represented with only a few Asian species routinely offered and (Synodontis excepted) almost nothing from Africa.

Synodontis njassae

Image via Wikipedia

However the huge continent of Africa has much to offer the catfish fan and this book aims to throw some light on this fascinating group and at the same time promote them as a viable alternative.


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female Apistogramma nijsseni in mating colors

Image via Wikipedia

Mergus Cichlid Atlas – Volume 1 (Dr. Uwe Romer, English translation by Dr. Gero W. Fischer, Dr. Uwe Romer and Thomas Ulber)
English edition – 2001/2002

Cichlids have long been a favourite group of fish amongst aquarists and the smaller species, collectively known as “dwarf cichlids”, have a dedicated following all of their own. This book is regarded as a classic and an absolute essential item in any serious dwarf cichlid fan’s library. (more…)

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This week’s meeting was a trip to Dundee‘s newest tropical fish store – Discovery Aquatics.

Discovery Aquatics is in Dundonald Street not far from the football stadia. There is no car park but the streets in the area aren’t too busy and it’s fairly easy to park on the street near to the shop. The shop itself is spacious with a very high roof and there should be plenty room for expansion should the business prove to be successful. The owner, Kris Rennie has many years experience of fish-keeping both as an enthusiast and retailing. The shop is a member of OATA.

There is a good selection of coldwater, freshwater tropical and marine fish for sale as well as invertebrates, reptiles, plants, books and dry goods. There were some nice fish that are not normally offered for sale such as splashing tetras (Copella arnoldi), two-striped killifish (Aphyosemion bivittatum) and least rasboras (Boraras urophthalmoides). There was also a tank full of some of the nicest cardinal tetras (Paracheirodon axelrodi) I’ve seen in many years and some unusually dark coloured bronze corydoras (Corydoras aeneus).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is a rest area, so Wilma managed to get her Sudoku done and Kris generously supplied us with tea and biscuits.

Most of the fish were in good condition although there were some dead ones and a couple of the tanks needed the glass cleaned. To be fair to the owner however, we did arrive at the end of a busy day.

Everyone enjoyed the evening out and left with some new fish. Mines have already spawned! Thanks Kris and see you again soon.


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Back to Nature Guide to L-Catfishes (Ingo Seidel, English translation by Mary Bailey)
First edition – 2008

Catfish have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity during the last 20 years. Only cichlids command similar levels of dedication and both catfishes and cichlids have a devoted and loyal following. Many new books have been written to cater to this growing audience and while some take a wide but shallow approach, the catfish family is large and varied enough to allow for more specialist titles. (more…)

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