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Back in August I reported my Corydoras guapore had spawned and that I was hoping for some fry. I’m happy to report that I was able to raise fry from several different spawnings. In all I have raised around 60 fry and managed to sell some at the Catfish Study Group‘s annual auction last week.

Corydoras guapore at around 6 weeks


Here is a short video showing some of the fry and a full account will be published on Planet Catfish in due course.


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I’ve been trying to spawn Corydoras guapore for quite some time. I was given 4 fish from John Reid around 18 months ago and they’ve grown on to be two pairs. C. guapore are an unusual corydoras and successful breeding records are few.

Corydoras guapore - female

The fish have been rather active recently and their colour has become more intense. I’ve been watching them closely for spawning signs but was on holiday last week and busy with work in the garden. It wasn’t until I did a water change last Sunday that I noticed there were some fungused eggs in the tank.

As is often the case with corydoras however it seems that they will spawn more than once over a period of time. I was lucky enough to capture some spawning activity in this (rather poor quality) video.

Fingers crossed for some fry although the eggs are few and very small.

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My gobies have spawned again after a hiatus of around seven months. I’ve managed to catch about a dozen fry and save them from being eaten by the adults. As this and this show I’ve had fry before and been unable to raise them past three weeks.

This time I’m trying a different method using a “Super Fish Easy Breeding Box“. I’ve successfully raised Corydoras, Scleromystax and Ancistrus fry in this and have high hopes it will solve my goby problems!

I’ll write a review of this product later this week.

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Corydoras carlae is a small catfish from the drainage of the Rio Iguazu in North Eastern Argentina. Described by Nijssen & Isbrücker in 1983 from material collected by JP Gosse in 1977. It has not been seen in the hobby up until now. (more…)

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In days gone by, hard-pressed aquarists had a difficult time of it if they wanted to keep their fish in optimum condition. Trips to local streams and ponds were made to collect live foods such as daphnia and various worms. Earthworms were cultured or dug from gardens and every fish-keeper had a secret recipe concocted in the kitchen from such items as chopped liver, spinach and hard-boiled eggs. The only prepared foods available were the inaccurately named “ant eggs” (actually dried ant pupae) which as a staple food were pretty much useless. (more…)

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Corydoras diphyes

I’ve had Corydoras diphyes for a few weeks now and have a lot of fry. One unusual habit the fry have is that they like to hide among the floating plants, even when they are quite large. I’ve even found the adults snuggling up inside floating spawning mops. The youngsters also eat newly hatched brine shrimp from the water surface.

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Still cold outside

Jack Frost refuses to leave and I had to run a hose out to the shed to do a water change. The fish look all the better for it though. Slacking off on water changes is the quickest way to get yourself some sick fish. I’ll have to make sure the water pipes have improved insulation as soon as possible.

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