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Glossolepis incisus – the red rainbowfish

The Fair City Aquarist Society will hold their Open Show and Auction this year on Sunday 25th September 2016 at the Moncreiffe Church Hall, Glenbruar Crescent, Perth PH2 0AJ.

Judges this year will again be provided by The Federation of Scottish Aquarist Societies to whom we are grateful.

You can download some documents here:

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to book an auction slot. Lots booked so far are:

Lot Livestock Auction Dry Goods & Plants Auction
2 Gavin Cowan Gavin Cowan
3  Susan Blundred Susan Blundred
4  Peter Bennett Peter Bennett
5 R&L Aquatics  Colin Beavis
6 Andy Beveridge  John Cunningham
7  Colin Beavis
8  Billy Aitchison
9  Graham Ramsay
10  John Cunningham
11  Ian Sinclair

The Google map below shows where the auction is being held.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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New Location

We have moved. Meetings now take place in The Red Cross Hall opposite the train station.

Parking is available at the front of the building.

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Zoogoneticus tequilla

Zoogoneticus tequilla – male

Our Annual open Show has moved from the usual place to:

Moncrieffe Community Centre
Glenbruar Crescent

Sunday 30th August

FCAS Show Schedule 2015

Auction Guidance

Directions to Moncreiffe Hall

Entry Form FCAS

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A nice film showing Venezuelan fish in their natural habitats. Featured species include Pterophyllum altum (altum angelfish), Moenkhausia pittieri (diamond tetra), Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (butterfly cichlid) and Panaque nigrolineatus (royal pleco).

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Last night’s meeting was the final table show of this season. Thanks to Eric for stepping in to judge the show.

View the results

View points awarded

Here are some of the fish on display.

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Yesterday the club paid another visit to Discovery Aquatics in Dundee. Everyone enjoyed themselves and quite a few fish found new homes. Highlights included some very nice rummy-nose tetras, some beautiful Julidochromis dickfeldi and a tank full of Danio dangila. Thanks are due to Kriss for his hospitality.

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This week’s meeting was Table Show number 7 of the season. Thanks to Mike & Jill, Ryan and Ken for judging. I’ll post the results later this week. Best fish was a female Corydoras eques.

Here are some of the fish that were on display.

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