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Rasbora lacrimula

Rasbora lacrimula

Rasbora lacrimula is a fish that at the time of writing is relatively new to the hobby. It was described in June 2009 by Renny Kurnia Hadiaty and Maurice Kottelat. It is known as the teardrop rasbora or sometimes the cherry rasbora.



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A very ambitious and exciting project.


Last year, Dr. Cranston and other experts gathered at a meeting called by the National Science Foundation, where they came up with a plan for a single tree of life. On May 17, the National Science Foundation announced that it was awarding the team a three-year grant of $5.7 million.

The first goal of the project, known as the Open Tree of Life, is to publish a draft by August 2013. For their raw material, the scientists will grab tens of thousands of evolutionary trees that are archived online. They will then graft the smaller trees into a single big one.

Open Tree of Life Project Draws In Every Twig and Leaf – NYTimes.com

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