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Redfish Magazine is a a free digital magazine for freshwater and marine fishkeepers produced monthly with separate editions for American, European and Australasian regions. It is distributed exclusively over the internet in digital form, free of charge. Redfish features dedicated sections for tropical, marine, cold water and pond hobbyists.

Redfish is a free-to-read magazine for fishkeeping enthusiasts. At Redfish we believe in the free exchange of information to facilitate success by aquarium and pond hobbyists. Each month Redfish Magazine will bring you dedicated sections on tropical, cold water, marine and ponds.

Redfish was founded in early 2011 by Jessica Drake, Nicole Sawyer, Julian Corlet and David Midgley

The magazine is laid out beautifully in an up to date contemporary style and articles are illustrated throughout with striking colour photographs.

Issue 1 - July 2011

The articles themselves are of a generally high standard and have so far covered such diverse subjects as Guppies, corals, spawning clownfish, The history of goldfish, Aquarium basics (a 3 part series) and aquascaping. There is something for everyone here and every article is worth reading even if it outside your main areas of interest. The articles vary at the level they are pitched at with some for those just starting out in the hobby and others for readers with a bit more experience. All are eminently readable and enjoyable.

Redfish Magazine is available for downloading in pdf format so can be viewed on any PC or Mac with a free pdf viewer installed. (Which effectively means them all)

Redfish Magazine is informative, entertaining, beautiful to look at and simple to obtain.The bold decision to make it free means it rates a well-deserved 5 stars.


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Last night’s meeting was the final table show of this season. Thanks to Eric for stepping in to judge the show.

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Here are some of the fish on display.

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Young white star tetra

Axelrodia stigmatias, known as the white star or pepper tetra is a tiny jewel of a fish with an endearing swimming style. It was described as Hyphessobrycon stigmatias by Henry Weed Fowler in 1913.


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