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This week’s meeting was Table Show number 7 of the season. Thanks to Mike & Jill, Ryan and Ken for judging. I’ll post the results later this week. Best fish was a female Corydoras eques.

Here are some of the fish that were on display.

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Clownfish - via wikipedia

A nice piece from the BBC illustrating the wonderful variety of fish behaviour. Some of these fish are quite familiar to us yet much of their life remains to be discovered.

A Great Barrier Reef pearlfish has been filmed by the BBC living inside a sea cucumber‘s bottom. But it is not the only fish with a somewhat unusual home. Where are some of the other strange places fish live?

Read it here – BBC Nature.

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Happy New Year

Aphyosemion bivitattum

Happy New Year from all at The Fair City Aquarist Society. My resolution this year is to add more content to the site more often.

Last year’s stats for the site can be read here – 2011 web site report.

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