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Female dadio

Laubuca dadiburjori, known as the dadio, orange chela or orange hatchetfish is an interesting little danionin. More commonly found under the old scientific name – Chela dadiburjori it is an under-rated fish that is ideal for a medium-sized community tank of peaceful fishes. L. dadiburjori was first described in 1952 by the grandly named Ambat Gopalan Kutty Menon it was named in honour of one of his assistants – Sam Dadyburjor.



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Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolutio...

Charles Darwin - Image via Wikipedia

Scientific papers can often be difficult to access without expensive subscriptions. This is especially true for non-scientists and those of us outwith academia. Well now some good news. The Royal Society Journal Archive has been made permanently free to access. This is a brilliant resource for research going back centuries and it’s now free. It includes papers by Charles Darwin, Ralf Britz, Tan Heok Hui and many others so well done to The Royal Society.

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The Catfishes of Africa
A handbook for identification and maintenance
Dr. Lothar Seegers, English translation by Mary Bailey
English edition – 2008

The sucker-mouth and corydoras catfishes from South America dominate the catfish tanks in any pet fish store. Hundreds of varieties of these fish are available and many are familiar to even beginner aquarists. Other parts of the world are sorely under-represented with only a few Asian species routinely offered and (Synodontis excepted) almost nothing from Africa.

Synodontis njassae

Image via Wikipedia

However the huge continent of Africa has much to offer the catfish fan and this book aims to throw some light on this fascinating group and at the same time promote them as a viable alternative.


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