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Despite absences due to illness there were still about a dozen members in attendance.


We have received a very generous gift from Interpet for our Open Show. (More on this later)

John can obtain double sponge filters for £2 each and large tubs of Tabimin for £15.

At the recent Perth Aquarium Society’s Open Show we were awarded best club for showing fish.


A video was shown of an expedition to The Amazon. Dr David Sands and the late Derek Lambert shared a boat with some anglers whilst the cameras captured the tensions on board.


bristlenose catfish

Bristlenose catfish

Albino bristlenose catfish – £2
Nice pair of orange swordtails – £3
Bag of young orange swordtails – £3
Pairs of red-eyed red swordtails – £3

Next Meeting

Thursday 9th September  – Table Show 4.


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Tests of the potential vaccine against “Ich” ― the dreaded “white-spot” disease that plagues fish in commercial fish farms, public aquariums, pet fish retail outlets, and home aquariums ― are raising hopes for finally controlling the disease, scientists reported at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

This Cichlid is affected by the disease in fur...

Cichlid with 'ich'

If this can be developed into a useable and affordable product for aquarists it could well transform the hobby. White spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) is responsible for untold numbers of fish deaths each year. An absolutely brilliant piece of news.

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I’ve been trying to spawn Corydoras guapore for quite some time. I was given 4 fish from John Reid around 18 months ago and they’ve grown on to be two pairs. C. guapore are an unusual corydoras and successful breeding records are few.

Corydoras guapore - female

The fish have been rather active recently and their colour has become more intense. I’ve been watching them closely for spawning signs but was on holiday last week and busy with work in the garden. It wasn’t until I did a water change last Sunday that I noticed there were some fungused eggs in the tank.

As is often the case with corydoras however it seems that they will spawn more than once over a period of time. I was lucky enough to capture some spawning activity in this (rather poor quality) video.

Fingers crossed for some fry although the eggs are few and very small.

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I’ve been on holiday so apologies for the lateness of this update. I also have a couple of articles ready for upload shortly.


Members were reminded about the Perth Open Show on Sunday 15th August.

Graham Geddes asked members to bring in some things suitable for a car boot sale as he was planning another one soon.

Jean has received an aquarium air pump as a subscription gift from PFK. We can use it as a prize at our Open Show.

The new branch of Maidenhead Aquatics is opening on 28th August. A Club trip will be arranged and members are asked to check which dates they will be available. We can combine it with a trip to a few shops in the Glasgow/Edinburgh areas.


A video was shown on Nicaraguan cichlids in their natural habitats.


Bag of 2 young bristlenose catfish – £1
Pairs of Crescent zoe (Zoogoneticus tequila) – £2
Pairs of red-eyed red swordtails – £2

Next Meeting

Thursday 26th August  – a round table discussion.

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This week’s word is aufwuchs.

Pronounced – Ow-fuchs (The ‘ch’ is pronounced as in Scottish ‘loch’)

Rusty Cichlid,Iodotropheus sprengerae

Rusty Cichlid from Lake Malawi

Meaning – a term used to cover the small animals and plants that cover wood and rock surfaces.

Origin – a German word – over + growth.

Example usage mbuna cichlids in Lake Malawi have evolved to feed on aufwuchs.

Trivia – Aufwuchs is a term used by German aquarists (particularly cichlid enthusiasts) that has entered the English language. Similar English words would be biofilm and periphyton.

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A once-threatened population of African fish is now providing a view of evolution in action. Laura Spinney asks what Lake Victoria cichlids have revealed about speciation.

A fascinating account of Lake Victoria’s cichlids and how they have begun to adapt to the disastrous introduction of Nile perch.

Read more here.

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It’s a distressing fact that many fish die at the hands of inexperienced hobbyists (as well as experienced hobbyists who should know better). Often these fish die from what is known as New Tank Syndrome (NTS). In this article I’ll explain what NTS is and how best to avoid it. (more…)

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