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Klondyke Garden Centre
Beancross Rd

7th August 2010 – 8th August 2010
10am – 4pm

£2.00 per person entry

Free advice on fish keeping and quality fish for sale from the The Scottish Koi Club.

Entry form.


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When she began the biweekly fish owner’s routine — draining the water, rinsing the miniature neon stones and refilling the bowls — Allison Mondello of Essex Avenue didn’t think much of Gloucester’s decision to change the chemicals disinfecting its tap water.

A cautionary tale about chloramine in the water. Read more here.

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Time for some fish anatomy. This week’s word is adipose.

Pronounced – AH-di-poze

Meaning – the small fin between the dorsal (back) and caudal (tail) fins. Sometimes call the fat fin.

Origin – from the medical term for fatty tissue.

Example usage many species of tetra have an adipose fin.

Trivia – In the children’s television series Dr Who, The Adipose were a race of vaguely humanoid blobs of fat.

Trivia 2 – In some rivers in the USA it’s the practice of the fishery authorities to clip the adipose fin of all the fish they release into the rivers. Anglers can then distinguish between wild and released fish and are required to return all wild fish back into the water.

Trivia 3 – The purpose of the adipose fin is not known!

Adipose Fin

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Again about a dozen members came along. With the summer holiday’s in full swing it’s traditionally a quiet time of year so attendances are keeping up very well.


Jean informed the meeting that Iain Falconer is back in hospital. Everyone at Fair City Aquarist Society wishes Iain a speedy recover – get well soon Iain. (more…)

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My gobies have spawned again after a hiatus of around seven months. I’ve managed to catch about a dozen fry and save them from being eaten by the adults. As this and this show I’ve had fry before and been unable to raise them past three weeks.

This time I’m trying a different method using a “Super Fish Easy Breeding Box“. I’ve successfully raised Corydoras, Scleromystax and Ancistrus fry in this and have high hopes it will solve my goby problems!

I’ll write a review of this product later this week.

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Corydoras concolor - male

Corydoras concolor – male

Corydoras concolor was described by Stanley Weitzman in 1961. It is one of the dwarf armoured catfish from South America that have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Small and peaceful it makes an ideal fish for a community tank or an excellent breeding challenge for an advanced hobbyist. (more…)

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The second second word of the week.

This week’s second word is peduncle.

Pronounced – Peh DUN kill

Meaning – a stalk, stem or attachment.

Origin – from the Latin word pedunculus meaning little foot.

Example usage – The caudal peduncle is the term used to describe the tail stem of a fish. That is the part where the tail joins to the main body.

Trivia – The little stem found on fruit such as apples and cherries is also called a peduncle.

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