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I missed this meeting as I was on my holidays but it was by all accounts another busy night. Sorry Ian I forgot to let you know I wasn’t going to be there.


I’m not aware of any Society business. Leave a comment if you can think of any.


A DVD was shown about Monster Fish of The Amazon. Hope everyone didn’t get too scared.


Nothing for the auction as far as I know.

Next Meeting

Thursday 3rd June – Davie Melville has a quiz up his sleeve. Don’t forget the prizes Dave!


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Apologies for the late update but I’ve been on holidays and I wanted to wait until I had the show results to post. Thursday 6th May was the first Table Show of the new season. Because of the delay I may well have missed out some stuff. If I have just leave a comment at the end. (more…)

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KITCHENER — It’s 9 p.m. and Zenin Skomorowski can feel eight hungry eyes boring into the back of his neck as he works at his computer. It’s feeding time at the Skomorowski fish tank and there isn’t anything that knows it better than the four gold severum fish in the 50-gallon tank behind the Kitchener man’s chair.

A nice piece about the Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society (Canada) which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s great to see a club in such rude health and here’s proof that it’s possible to run a successful club. Congratulations.

Read more here – The Record

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A new paper is presented by Pablo A. CALVIÑO & Felipe ALONSO in which two new species of corydoras are described. In the same paper Corydoras micracanthus is redescribed and the authors propose a new species group for all three  – the Corydoras micracanthus species-group. This group is distinguished by: (more…)

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Back to Nature Guide to L-Catfishes (Ingo Seidel, English translation by Mary Bailey)
First edition – 2008

Catfish have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity during the last 20 years. Only cichlids command similar levels of dedication and both catfishes and cichlids have a devoted and loyal following. Many new books have been written to cater to this growing audience and while some take a wide but shallow approach, the catfish family is large and varied enough to allow for more specialist titles. (more…)

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To most people in the southwestern U.S., the April 4 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake felt like a rocking of the ground. But on a group of inch-long fish that exist nowhere else on Earth outside of “Devils Hole,” a crack in the ground in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, it unleashed a veritable tsunami.

Pupfish are close relatives of the live-bearing goodeids from nearby Mexico. Like them they are critically endangered. This interesting news item discusses the effect an earthquake had on the pupfishes habitat and includes video of the event.

Read more here – Science Daily

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AN Onchan aquatic business owner is jumping for joy after 2,500 tropical fish travelling here from Singapore arrived safely in the Island after facing death while stuck at Manchester Airport due to the Icelandic volcanic ash.

The travel disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano has affected the supply of tropical fish to many areas with some fish being lost due to the delays. This Isle of Man newspaper reports in on a story that had a rather happier ending.

Read more here – Isle of Man Today

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