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The Intelligent Heater™ from Reef One uses new aquarium-safe heating technology and advanced electronics to heat water to a constant and suitable temperature for tropical fish without risk of high voltage electrical faults.

An interesting new product from Reef One. It seems to be another of the “lifestyle” products that have cropped up recently. I suspect it will cost considerably more than a standard heater which is a brave move by the manufacturers in the current financial climate.

More here – Responsesource.


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New treatments could be developed for Parkinson’s disease following a genetic study of fish, according to scientists. A scientific study of tropical fish claims to have taken a major step forward in the understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Zebra danios – Danio rerio have been used for many years now to study genetics. Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating condition that affects many people, not just the elderly. It’s amazing to think that a little fish commonly kept for our amusement may one day allow us to conquer this terrible disease.

More here – Barchester Care Homes.

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A full house with very few absentees for the Annual General Meeting.


The minutes of the AGM can be viewed here.

Next Meeting

Thursday 22nd April and it’s a Round Table.

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The ornamental fish industry has a positive growth potential and can reach US$ one billion mark by 2012. The peaceful environment in the country will fuel the industry development and growth momentum will continue with the growth in the tourist sector, Association of Live Tropical Fish Exporters of Sri Lanka, President Sathyendra Wijayapura told Daily News Business.

It’s good to hear some positive news about both the ornamental fish industry and Sri Lanka. Too often fish-keepers are presented as environmental vandals with no concern about the welfare of our animals or the countries from which they came.

Read more here – Sri Lanka Daily News

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The Federal Court ordered the suspension of Belo Monte’s preliminary license and the cancellation of the auction, scheduled for next Tuesday, April 20. Judge Antonio Carlos de Almeida Campelo granted an urgent preliminary injunction as he sees a “danger of irreparable harm” that could be caused by the project, considering the imminence of the auction.

The Belo Monte Dam is a proposed hydroelectric dam complex on the Rio Xingu in Brazil. The Rio Xingu is home to many species of tropical fish including the zebra plec – L46.

Whilst this suspension is welcome it may be only delaying the inevitable. In the meantime perhaps a more thorough survey of The Xingu and the creatures that live there needs to be carried out.

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Dwarf gourami - male

Dwarf gourami – male

The dwarf gourami – Trichogaster lalius (more better known as Colisa lalia) is a popular and beautiful little fish.  It belongs to the sub-order Anabantoidei. Anabantoids are known as labyrinth fishes because they possess a special breathing organ called a labyrinth. This allows them to breathe air directly and means they can survive out of the water for short periods. Other well-known anabantoids are the pearl gourami – Trichopodus leerii and Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens. (more…)

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Adult Corydoras rabauti are great looking catfish and a joy to keep. The fry are truly marvellous little things. See the full article at Scotcat.

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