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Corydoras diphyes

I’ve had Corydoras diphyes for a few weeks now and have a lot of fry. One unusual habit the fry have is that they like to hide among the floating plants, even when they are quite large. I’ve even found the adults snuggling up inside floating spawning mops. The youngsters also eat newly hatched brine shrimp from the water surface.


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Still cold outside

Jack Frost refuses to leave and I had to run a hose out to the shed to do a water change. The fish look all the better for it though. Slacking off on water changes is the quickest way to get yourself some sick fish. I’ll have to make sure the water pipes have improved insulation as soon as possible.

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Living in rural Perthshire has many advantages to the fish keeper – clean air, peace and quiet, nice soft water for those hard to spawn species. On the minus side companies often charge extra for delivery and it can get a little chilly from time to time. (more…)

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Ameca splendens

Ameca splendens – adult male

Ameca splendens is one of a family of viviparous fish known as goodeids. Goodeids (named after the ichthyologist George Brown Goode) are also known as split-fins because of the distinctive notched shape of the male’s anal fin. This has evolved into a primitive copulatory organ called an andropodium. (more…)

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Trichogaster lalius – male dwarf gourami

It’s not strictly necessary for fishkeepers to learn the scientific names of their fish but if a deeper understanding of the hobby is desired than some degree of knowledge is important, if only to better appreciate the relationships between different species. In addition the generic and specific names often contain information that is useful to know. When communicating with fellow fishkeepers on the internet knowing the correct name of the fish is even more important given the differing common names applied to aquarium fish throughout the globe. (more…)

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I’ve now had a chance to read the paper on Corydoras urucu.

Recently during ichthyological surveys in the Rio Urucu system, a right-bank tributary of Rio Solimões, specimens of a species of Corydoras were collected that appeared to be similar to several species that have an arc-like stripe (i.e., C. arcuatus, C. narcissus, and C. gracilis). Examination of the material revealed that this is a new species of Corydoras, which is described herein.

This is within the general distribution area of C. arcuatus although none have been collected there. (more…)

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The Fair City Aquarist Society Christmas party was held on Thursday 17th December 2009. A full turn out of members helped things along nicely.

Ian Moncur started the evening off with his impossible quiz. A novelty feature where the winner was the member with the most baffled look. This prize was taken by Ian Falconer for the fourth year running.

Next up was the battle of the sharp-shooters hoping to win a bottle of whisky. John Reid won this fairly comfortably. He clearly wanted that bottle!

The Christmas raffle raised over a hundred quid and the top prizes of hampers went to Wilma Alma and to Ian Falconer so well done to them.

Thanks to all who arranged the food and prizes and to all The Society’s members for their contribution throughout 2009.

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